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Drug trafficking, smuggling ring involving public officials exposed in Nador


30 people, including 3 members of the public forces, were referred to the Nador court for their alleged involvement in drug trafficking and irregular migration.

The defendants are accused of using coastal areas close to the city for two purposes: trafficking large shipments of drugs and organizing emigration operations aboard high-speed inflatable boats, all in exchange for sums of money.

Simultaneous security operations led to the arrest of the suspects in the cities of Nador, Beni Nsar, Guersif, and Fez.

According to security sources, searches carried out in the same context resulted in the seizure of 129 kg of cannabis resin, 600 grams of cocaine, psychotropic drugs, nine cars with questionable license plates and a set of fake plates, as well as an inflatable boat equipped with a motor. Suspected of being linked to these criminal activities, sums of cash were also seized.


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