DH 370 with the Casablanca - Oujda express

A DH 370 (EMD GT26CW-2) of ONCF hauls a long-distance train from Casablanca to Oujda, Moroco. The train was hauled to Fez by an electric locomotive, where the DH 370 took over. The lake in the background is the Barrage Idriss 1er.

Down in the lake an old bridge can be seen. It was part of a 600 mm gauge military railway that connected the region before the standard gauge line was built.

Posted by david_gubler on 2017-03-22 22:38:05

Tagged: , ONCF , Office national des chemins de fer , Morocco , DH 370 , EMD , GT26CW-2 , Barrage , Idriss 1er , Railway , Train , Bridge

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